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Custom Glass

Custom glass for your next project

Custom glass experts

Whether it’s for your DIY project , or following a tradesman’s check measure that you find that you require some custom glass panels to complete your project, we can supply custom panels together with our standard panels.

Finding a supplier for custom made toughened glass can be difficult and expensive. For small to large projects, we can supply standard ex stock as well as custom made toughened glass panels at affordable prices.

Custom Toughened Glass manufacture usually takes between 6-8 working days from time of order.

If you require a quote, please email your details or attach your drawings to us.

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We guarantee safe and timley product delivery. We proudly stand behind the quality of our work.

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Your guide to choosing the right manufacturer and supplier of frameless glass, stainless steel and accessories. Learn how to add value and beauty to any property & save time & money in the process.

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made to australian standards. Right the way through the product life cycle – from design to manufacture to receipt in our warehouse to unpacking and checking to picking and re-packing and delivering to you – we make sure that the product is first rate.

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