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How much does frameless glass cost?
October 9, 2018

The old saying “you get what you pay for” may or may not be true when it comes to the purchase of frameless glass and hardware for pool fencing and balustrades. Quality and safety are a big feature of frameless glass, but they are not all the same and you need to dig deeper to make sure you make the right decision.

There is a broad variable for the linear metre cost of frameless glass and this is just a general guide. The cost can go from a minimum cost of $275 to $350 per linear metre for Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and $375 to $450 for Frameless Glass Balustrades.

One of the reasons for the variables is the different types of glass and hardware and how the glass is manufactured and supplied. You need to understand some important elements, including:

  • The size and thickness of the glass
  • The quality of the glass
  • Large hardware outlets
  • Small glass suppliers
  • Large glass suppliers and manufacturers
  • Hardware type 316 or higher grade 2205 Duplex grade stainless steel
  • Weight of the hardware impacts on cost, quality, structural strength, and your safety

It is an important part of the decision making process when comparing cost that you are comparing the same quality of glass and hardware and the experience and reputation of the supplier.

Your investment in your property and the safety of your family, friends and visitors requires careful consideration before you make the decision on which supplier or manufacturer you choose for your frameless glass.

While it may seem complicated when choosing the right frameless glass you just need to do your research and ask the experts about how to make the right comparisons and not make your decision based on the best price alone. Doing that could mean that you are not comparing apples to apples.

The important questions you could ask include:

Where is the glass manufactured?
Can my glass be cut to size for my specific job?
What are the specifications of the glass?
Can you provide proof that the frameless glass meets Australian Standards?
Can you supply the necessary hardware?
Can you meet my deadline for supply?
Can you recommend a licenced installer?
Do you have guidelines for me to DIY the installation?
What type of warranty will I receive?
What level of after sales service do you provide?
Can you do 10 year glass coatings for ease of cleaning?
Does the pool fence meet the new electrical safety requirements of AS3000?

Once these questions have been answered you will have the information you need to make an accurate comparison of manufacturing, quality and service as well as price.

Making the decision to use frameless glass for your pool fence does require a financial outlay that needs careful consideration. It is certainly on trend and will give your home and pool area a contemporary look and feel, as well as meeting all safety specifications and guidelines. Some of the individual aspects you could consider and discuss with a frameless glass expert, include:

  • The geography of your land such as is it flat, sloping, hilly and the position of the pool or balustrade e.g. is it protected from the wind or exposed and windy.
  • Gates can be hazardous if positioned in an area of the fencing that has unusual exposure to high winds, it is ideal if the gate has some protection if you live in a high wind area
  • One of the amazing benefits of frameless glass around your pool or home is that it gives the illusion of making the space seem larger, meaning even a modest home or pool area looks more spacious and contemporary with an interrupted view from many angles of your property. Frameless glass really does showcase your home and pool area.
  • Frameless glass fencing and gates just blend in, no matching of colour or style needed. This provides you with a wide scope of choices for your home and outdoor area with one big component leading with the way with style.
  • All children love pools and safety is a key factor with frameless glass. Manufactured to Australian Standards you have the confidence that your glass pool fence and gate will protect your children and in years to come their children.
  • Your glass balustrade has variables specific to the use of frameless glass. How high is the balustrade, is it affected by high winds, is it inside or outside? Is there a difference in the type of glass I would use?

Once your research and conversations with a frameless glass expert has answered your questions you have filled the gaps of knowledge.  You are now equipped to make the right decision on the purchase of your frameless glass. It may well be that the best price also has all the features and benefits and the expert has answered all your questions.  You will now have the peace of mind that you have made the purchase based on facts not emotion.

Choosing the right frameless glass for your pool or balustrade is in your hands – ask the questions, do the research and your decision will be the right decision.

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