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Glass pool fencing tips & advice
October 9, 2018

Your pool is nearly ready for that first, exciting dip or pool party but before you can plan and invite your guests you need to get legal and have your glass pool fence installed.

It is not only an investment in your property because glass adds an ambience and environment to your pool and property that has a positive impact on the value and appeal to others. It is also a mandatory safety requirement for all pools in Australia to have their pool fully fenced and secure.

These simple tips and advice that will see your fence up quickly, looking beautiful and ready for your first pool party!


Glass can be costly if wastage is not minimised. By using an experienced, reputable manufacturer and supplier they can minimise the wastage by only using what you need – this means you only pay for what is provided and installed. If your glass can be cut to measure specifically for your site you will save money on wastage, as well as having the benefit of expert advice.


It does seem a “no brainer” but safety comes first. You need to know that the glass pool fencing you choose meets Australian Safety Standards and is the type of toughened glass that best suits your particular pool fence. You want to know that your glass meets the AS/NZS1288, and AS/NZS2208 standards.

Whatever manufacturer and supplier you use they should be able to easily and readily provide you with the proof that your glass meets these standards putting the safety of your family, neighbours, and friends first.


While the pool fencing may be toughened glass and hardware manufactured to Australian Standards you want the assurance that you are covered by a warranty. You also want the confidence that your glass pool fence will not warp or curve. An expert will advise you on the type and size of glass panels to suit your needs.

Glass pool fencing that meets Australian Standards will have a warranty to give you the confidence that if the glass is installed correctly there should be no problems. By discussing these important purchase decisions with your supplier or being able to visit their showroom and see the different types of glass and hardware for yourself, you will have the confidence that your glass pool fence will stand the test of time, and if not for some reason, your supplier will be on hand to help you.


Pools and water go together. But water can create rusting and tarnishing problems. All glass pool fences are enhanced with the look of stainless steel spigots, which hold the glass panels and any hardware used on the fence and gate. You want the confidence that any stainless steel used in your glass pool fencing is most resistant to rust and tarnishing.

The aftercare of your glass pool fence and stainless steel hardware should minimal and not impact on your relaxation time in your new pool. Your manufacturer and supplier will be able to provide you with the right information about the type of stainless steel they plan to provide and the supporting documentation on the quality of the stainless steel and resistance properties.


There has been a change in the pool fencing standards recently that requires new pool fencing to comply with additional electrical conductivity safety measures. This change has seen the advent of new products to comply with the standard. CFG Composite hardware available early 2019 addresses all safety concerns in the new standards as it is a non-electrically conductive material making it safer to use. It will come in a variety of colours to complement your glass pool fencing and will ensure your family and friends are safe at all times.

If you follow these simple tips you will enjoy many years of fun in the sun with your new pool and glass pool fencing.

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