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Frameless glass: DIY or expert installation? The pros and cons
October 9, 2018

The 2013 Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Social Trends Report states that single occupancy, one family houses make up 74% of private dwellings and the average home consists of three bedrooms. Australians are a house proud nation and we love to renovate. This has created the DIY revolution in Australia.

There are DIY courses on everything that you can access online or inhouse education at all types of locations including large hardware outlets. This love of renovating and doing things ourselves, if we can, is showing no signs of slowing down. It has almost become a lifestyle. You only need to visit one of the local hardware stores on the weekend to understand how crazy we are about renovating ourselves.

So much so, that today you have to get there early because of the large number of homeowners  lining up at that local hardware for their renovation project materials!

When it comes to installing frameless glass in your home, either as a balustrade, pool fence or gate you can take that love of DIY to the next level and install the frameless glass yourself. There are some pros and cons that you need to understand before you even purchase your frameless glass. Having all the information up front protects you from biting off more than you can chew.

Let’s assume you have done all your research and have purchased the right frameless glass from a reputable manufacturer or supplier. Many of them will provide you with the guidelines to install the frameless glass yourself, but doing your due diligence before embarking on this DIY project will put you in a good position to ask questions and have all the right information before you start.

Check Local Council Regulations.
Before you start installing check with your local authorities to make sure you comply with all of their regulations and the Australian Safety Standards.

Check what tools you will need. You may need to take another trip to the local hardware before you start. The things you will need include:

  • Cordless Drill
  • Gloves
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Spirit Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Utility Knife

Frameless Glass Panels and Stainless Steel Accessories and Hardware
CFG Composite Hardware (which is a non electrically-conductive hardware) which will meet the Australian Standards for new pool fencing. This hardware will be available from early 2019.

As you can see already it is probably useful when considering installing your own frameless glass to have some experience in the DIY space or expert guidance and information.

Like any situation where you are not the expert there are pros and cons to do it yourself. Frameless glass is no different so we are going to list some of the important things to consider before you make the decision to DIY or have the expert install your frameless glass.

Save money on installation costs
Can choose the time you do the install
Don’t have to purchase any special tools
Supplier has provided expert guidance and information
Confidence that the job will look professional
My frameless glass is installed to safety standards and I saved money

Not confident of having the right level of skill and I may have to call the expert anyway
Could take longer than the expert to complete the install
May need to purchase necessary equipment
No information on DIY from supplier I need to research the install process myself
Made a few errors that cost time and impacted the look of the frameless glass
I had to call the installer to finish the job and I have to wait weeks for the expert

Most reputable suppliers will support you through the process of purchasing the right frameless glass for your needs and provide you with detailed installation information. Like any DIY job it comes down to your confidence to do the job to a high standard. This supports your financial outlay to give your home or pool that contemporary look.

If you have the right information and the confidence to do the installation yourself, it will save you the cost of expert installation. Speak to the experts if in doubt and make the decision that meets your level of experience and confidence to do a good job.

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